Friday, January 15, 2010

SLACKER and An update on my friends brother!

So I am a slacker and didn't sew this week as I had toothache.  I finally got to the dentist and I am feeling better, not great but better.   

My friends brother that was missing called and was in Florida.  His parents are driving to pick him up.  I am just so happy that he is safe. 

Oh and I had a birthday and decided to spend my birthday money on a used serger.  I am a brand girl and love my Bernina 830 so I got a used Bernette 334DS off of ebay.  Can't wait to get it up and sewing!


  1. I'm glad to hear your friend's brother is safe and I hope he doesn't scare his family like that ever again.

  2. That is great about your friend's brother...what a stressful time.

    I have a Bernina (it sounds horrible right now, guess I have lent it out too much)...but I didn't care for it but.....obviously you love yours (can't fault you for that)...Ha!! We all have our preference and I am sooo glad you have a serger...makes life so much easier in alot of things.


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