Thursday, March 10, 2011

Terrific Tip Thursday

I learned to hand quilt in 1995, I was 15 and the quilt store in Memphis (don't remember it's name)  sold pens to mark my quilt. 

I would think everybody would know the secret but it seems to be a close kept secret.

So here it is.  I'll be illustrating with twin pillows.  One is still a UFO and will serve as before and one is finished and will serve as after.



Doesn't that clean up nice! 

So flash forward to now 2011, does this still work?

I tested blue,red, and green for you. I purchased them last  fall from Staples.

As you can see you don't want to use blue....
 No, not red either...

What where did Green go?  It washes out with cold water a little soap and agitation.

So I know you want the dirt.  Which pens am I talking about.


Paper Mate Flair Pens!  You only want the GREEN ones.  You can get them in a pack with the other colors or you can order just the green ones in a case. Most office supply stores have them but I can't seem to find them at Walmart these days...

As with any method test it first yourself on your own fabric. I will not be held responsible for any errors.  I didn't iron them prior to washing them out so I don't know about that.

Have fun marking your quilts. This was the quilt I made when I was 15.  And yes it was covered in green ink while quilted.

Love ya,


  1. What a wonderful tip, and that quilt is do amazing work....

  2. Thanks for the info. Have you tried Pilot FriXion Ball Pen? They are supposed to be removed with heat such as in the dryer or with a blow dryer. I just ordered some and am anxious to try them out. They are supposed to be available at Staples but you could try other office supply stores.

  3. Thanks so much...I am on the hunt for this pen!! Looks wonderful....and so does your quilting!! Awesome!

  4. In Japan we have a choice of two pens. Both are made by Chako ace. One is blue. It has a wide point and a fine point and comes out with water. I use a spray bottle or a paintbrush on the lines. The other pen is purple and also has two points. It comes out with time. Sometimes that time is just too short to finish quilting the lines. It will also be removed with water so that humid summers mean you have to work fast if you use it. I mark dark fabrics with a Karisma pencil and white or colored fine lead.

  5. Who knew?

    thanks for the tip!

    Happy Sewing

  6. Can't wait to try this.....!!!!


  7. I love these type of tips...perfect!!! Thank you for sharing :)


  8. Wonderful! I will have to go and look for my pen soon!! Thanks so much for the tip!! 8-)


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