Friday, February 12, 2010

Yes, I have been sewing!

I haven't  blogged but my machine has been busy.  I have done my block party Friday blocks and my black and white ones.  Now I have them done I hope to get the fabric to finish them off soon.  I came across this Madeline schnibbles and it was love at first sight.  So my blocks will be going on point in a similar manner.  Now to decide if I should add a color just leave it black and white. 
This is my January 2010 buck a block.  Now to get February done soon.

And I am teaching a class to some homeschoolers.  We will be doing hand sewing and I thought we could all use some cute pin cushions. I have a boy in the class hence the flag one.  I saw them somewhere on the web you use a golf tee and they fit in a spool of thread.  If I find the link I will post it. This is what I get for finding things and not bookmarking, and dealing with 19month old who really thinks mommy should be reading a book not writing about sewing!  Off to read Berenstain Bears GOD LOVE YOU!


  1. You HAVE been busy. I love all of the black and white blocks and they will look fabulous in the Madeline setting.

    Cute pincushions too. It is a good hand sewing project.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love your black and white...did I tell you that I am trying to design a black and white (not that I consider myself a designer, just fun)....I say leave it black and white.

    I saw those pincushios, they are adorable...can't remember which blog either.

    Love the quilt!!


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