Wednesday, May 26, 2010


IHAN GO! Fabric Cutter Giveaway  My entry!

Yep, count me in the number  of quilters that do crazy things for 10 entries for an Accuquilt Go!

I thought of showing my sewing room but not enough entries for me I NEED TO WIN!  So to maximize my entries, creating blocks it was. Besides who really needs to see another messy sewing/family room/library/leather workshop that has 3 energetic boys tearing it apart daily.  Really it is just a mess.  Especially with my youngest finding all the shiny objects to dump, or put in my machine. 

I choose to make the two blocks for 10 entries.  The one is simple I used the 1 1/2 inch strip and made a rail block.  A smaller rail than I normally would but with the GO! Fabric cutter it would be really easy to cut and finish this quilt!

The other is a hope at more entries.  I used the 6 1/2 inch squares for my background.  Then I used 2 inch squares for corners.  For the "I" & "H" &  "N" I used 1 1/2 inch strips.  For the beautiful A I tried to replicate the A from the BABY die.  Needless to say I really need the  GO so my A can look better.  So if you haven't all ready checked out IHAN website for all your quilting needs.  But please don't enter to win the Accuquilt Go Giveaway, it is MINE!

And to demonstrate why I need  GO! Fabric Cutter,  I was cutting pieces for my star quilt and wouldn't you know it I can't even cut right!  I  I was really pleased when I got done, I cut everything to 2.5 with no problem.   Should have paid attention, it was supposed to be 2.25! Guess who had to trim all the blocks and strips down to 2.25?  See my lovely scraps I made for no reason other than I can't tell the difference between 2.25 & 2.5!


  1. I can't wait to see your blocks but would have also love to have seen your sewing area....

    Good luck!

  2. OMG....that is too good. I love it....for obvious reasons.....but that you took the time to make the blocks.....woooo hooooo....good for 10 enteries girl!!!!

    Good luck to you in the drawing :)

    Big Smiles,


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