Saturday, May 29, 2010

Things I Can't Make with a GO!

In an effort to be grateful for the things I have I decided to post things I can  make without a GO! Not that I wouldn't be grateful if one dropped from the sky and landed in my sewing room, but I need to remember the blessings I do have and  the creativity that comes from not using a GO!

My life is not the cookie cutter life, nor do I really want my quilts to be cookie cutter quilts, yet for some reason I have been hoping for exactly that a cookie cutter for my quilts.

So here are my unique things that nobody else in the world has, because there is not a die for them and they are my design.

First theses are some silly squares I made with my boys a few years ago.  They are their hands.  Nobody else has a copy of my boys hands, I don't think they make a die for that.   All hands are special and unique.  Little hands that play with toys, make messes on my clean walls and give love pats or high fives.  All mine.

These are some bird houses I made for a round robin, again, nope no die for my houses.  Each is unique and drawn by me and cut with scissors.  I know, very archaic, I think it does work.  Each one is one of a kind.  Not something everybody else is posting with different colors.

These are my Southern Bells.  It was a fat quarter challenge that I went overboard with.  I had so much fun designing and making my own Southern Bells after looking at other ones online.  I couldn't find ones I liked.  So I just made my own.

Then you have my Dear Jane.  Yes everybody is making it, but I don't think there will ever be dies for it!  It is just not a quilt you can make with a GO!  Here are my first 5 squares.

So while I am thrilled for my friends who have won a GO! and I would love to win one, I think my scissors, rotary blade and some pencil and freezer paper can turn out some things you just can't capture with a cookie cutter.  I am grateful for the ability to to cut outside the lines and find my own way of expressing things with fabric that reflect me!


  1. You are right, there are so many things you can make without a "GO" but I will admit, it is so much faster with one, especially when you need to crank out a quilt in no time. But yes, we should be grateful...and when I move next door to you, you can come and play with mine.

  2. they all are so much fun and you are right....unique they are....I am working on my next row now, and hope to send it off this week...I have been so busy, I got behind....

  3. Jenn..I love your Southern Bells!!!
    Really nice!


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