Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lastest working

So I am sewing a dress for my niece.  I would show you pictures but just in case the groom is lurking, no pictures till after the wedding. 

I should be sewing it right now, but I am not.  I am off to cook breakfast and take a shower, then pick some plums and make some jame with 3 boys in tow.  I will find some time to work on the dress, I am dreading the zipper and hence the procrastination.  What it is about zippers I hate...I am not sure but I hate them and avoid them as much as possible though I can put them it, but the thought makes me crazy.

What do you all put off doing sewing wise?  Cutting?  Seam ripping, Mending.  I know I have a pile of 5 minute jobs hanging around, myself.  I did clean my sewing/family/leatherwork room yesterday.  Well as clean as a sewing room gets. :)  I swepted and picked up the floor so I shouldn't step on a pin.  Here is my semi clean sewing room (see how much I hate zippers I cleaned instead of sewing in a zipper.)

Ironing table board and desk with quilting pieces, chair with wedding dress pieces, and dear jane.
Ironing table and desk with quilting pieces, chair with wedding dress pieces, and dear jane.
Some of my stash, a mending job, thread and fabric piled on top and a computer for watching netflix.  ;)

Sewing table my hubby made which is also perfect for leather work so I chose to share.


  1. I used to clean to avoid doing homework when I was in school. UGH!

    For me...it's the cutting out that I dread.

  2. I just spent the morning mending a ton of things that have been gathering on my sewing machine for over two months. I hate mending because I have to get everything out and put it away for only a 5-10 minute job. It takes more time to get it all out and put it all away (right) than it does to do the actual mending. I also got my son's Eagle badge sewn on and my other son's cub scout arrow points finally sewn onto his shirt! All done for another couple months...


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