Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mail Call time, old and new.

During the crazy GO! week I got two packages.  And I have been meaning to post and of course haven't.

This first one was very exciting.

Now I can do free motion quilting.  My evenfeed foot went to pieces on me thinking I was replacing her.  So now I need a new even feed foot.

And I won this bag of notion and fabrics from Pat.  I was so excited.  It was my first win.  She included some cotton too.  I made some wonky log cabin squares with some of it and didn't take a picture so they will be up later when I get my squares back.

Then Friday I got this package from a little island. 

Inside were these beautiful purple fabrics. 

I laid out this quilt. 

I was short one light purple tumbler for my layout and didn't really want to reaarrange rows to try to fit the two left over tumblers in. Then I remembered the fabric from Pat and wouldn't you know they matched!  So I made a patched tumbler that matched.

Can you spy it in my tumblers now?  You can if you look real hard but I wanted the pattern to flow instead of having a color out of place. 

Thanks Barb, can't wait to Snuggle under a quilt just for me.  It has been way too long since I made something just for me.  I got a Friday night sew in!  Yeah.  Last friday I tried and failed.  My blocks didn't turn out and well it not a good night.  Yesterday though it went great.  My boys let me sew, and I only had to tear out two seams that went on crazy.  So now my tumblers are all together and I just need to finish the top with some boarders.  Then I get to use my new foot and try some free motion quilting. 


  1. love the tumbler top......i don't have that die yet, i think it will be next.....

  2. did get alot of fun stuff and you did great with the tumblers...yours is turning out wonderfully!

  3. Your purple tumbler quilt looks wonderful! The tumbler and rag dies are next on my I just need to have them list :)

  4. The colors in your tumbler are wonderful! Have fun with your new sewing machine toy!
    Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa

  5. Your tumbler quilt looks great. Have fun with the free motion quilting. Once you get going, you can't stop.

  6. I love the purples...someday I will quilt


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