Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pull out your ugly fabrics

You know the ones thare are stashed in back of your fabric stash from long ago forgotten projects.  You can pass them on to some unsuspecting soul for them to quilt.  Just go here for the details Stash Manicure.

Now I am off to see if I even have 2 yards worth of fabric to sew along...I tend to destash often and ruthlessly.  And currently my stash is lots of PUL and sweat fabric...


  1. I have given so much fabric away here....but will have to look. What is amazing is...I still have a ton of fabric left...should I be ashamed?

  2. I should have went over there before I responded...Ithought we were just going to send a bunch of fabrics...this is interesting but don't think I have time to play...the future is so unknown to me.


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