Monday, August 16, 2010

Tumbling along!

Remember my tumbling block quilt?  Well I had 3 left over tumbling blocks (okay 2 and 7/8ths of a block.)   As any good quilter I was holding onto them for dear life, they were scraps after all and from a dear friend.  So in the scrap pile for them.  Then I was blessed to read this fun blog.  (don't check it out and please don't put your name in the pot for the GO! she is giving away!)  So I got to thinking that I could do something with my almost 3 tumblers.  So I came up with a cute little purse.  I did mine a little different as I wanted it quilted and pockets inside and of course handles and a snap at the top.  Okay so it is really nothing like hers except it uses 4 tumblers.

Did i mention I put a clear pocket on back for my drivers liscense.

Well it was so much fun making the little one... I decided to make a bigger one with more tumblers.  Well since I don't own a go I used my handy rotary cutter and my construction paper pattern (yeah i copied the tumblers before they got sewn) and went on a tumbling.

So I am done tumbling for today.  I hope to post my tumbling tote tutorials in the next week so you can tumble too.  And I plan on having a giveaway for a tumbler tote too so tumble on over sometime next week.

Which would you rather get the small one or the bigger one?


  1. i love both of them but I think the larger one could possibly be more practical

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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