Monday, September 20, 2010

Magical Mail Monday

So I haven't won a go yet, but sometimes I do get a little lucky and magical mail shows up in my mail box.

First I ordered some patterns from Fashionably Modest Patterns and she had a giveaway for a free pattern.  I really wanted another pattern but thought no just get two, you will win the other one.  And I did!  Yeah! So I picked this pattern as I have a linen jumper in this style that is just about dead.  Really love it. So this pattern is perfect.

Then Karen of Messy Karen was making up wipers and I got one.

Too cute. I am almost afraid to use it.  And I plan on making some.  I love the small size.  That is about how much knitting I get done one a washcloth before I lose interest so maybe I will actually finish some.. ;) For the pattern go here.

That is it for magical mail.  Maybe someday I'll get one of those big boxes I see popping up on other's blogs.  But really I am blessed and I think small packages best.


  1. I hope you get on of those big boxes too....

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for one of the big boxes.


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